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     DeliveryConcepts, Inc. offers the most innovative, self-contained mobile food transport systems & catering trucks available to the food service industry today.  

    The Delivery Concepts Difference
     Delivery Concepts Food Transport Systems are cost efficient and easy to handle. They are constructed to preserve and assure kitchen fresh quality. Our unique design maintains proper food temperatures throughout the compartments at all times. This allows total oven compartment heating to 180 degrees F (88.22 Celsius) without the inherent dangers of propane gas, open flames, or direct heating elements that dry out food products.  Our refrigeration compartments maintain temperatures from 0 to 40 degrees F(-17.78 to 4.44 Celsius). Cold plate Freezer Units will pull down as low a -15 degrees F (-26.11 Celsius).
The      Delivery Concepts Food Transport Systems are ideal for any size food operation. Each system has the capability to be all freezer, all refrigerator, all oven, or any combination of these. What makes our vehicles unique is that all interiors and shelving are custom designed to meet our customer's product needs-with quality and affordability in mind.   Delivery Concepts Food Transport Systems also provide highly effective billboarding by combining customized lettering and exterior lighting.
Standard & Optional Features
Applications Include:

Congregate Senior Feeding Programs

Home Delivered Meat & Seafood

Institutional Food Providers

Fresh or Frozen Seafood

School Lunch Programs

Restaurants & Caterers

Gourmet Frozen Foods

Home Food Delivery

Meals On Wheels




  Applications are only limited by ones imagination.

Product Line   |   Applications   |    Features   |   FAQ   |   Contact Us   |   Technical Support   |   LINKS