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6 SERIES photo page
6 SERIES H70R30 Series 6 foot bodies for compact pick up trucks
6 SERIES R70H30 Interior Photo
6SERIES Express

6 SERIES LP  6 foot low profile, economy body for compact pick up trucks
6 SERIES LP  Photos

7 SERIES LP photos

8 SERIES  8 foot bodies for full size pick up trucks
8 SERIES R50H50L Standard Large Photo
8 SERIES Catering 3/4 Refrigerated, 14 Oven Interior (Photos)
Cold 8 SERIES Information Page
Cold 8 SERIES All Refrigerated Interior Photo

12 SERIES 10 to 24 foot bodies on truck chassis for large scale food handling applications
12 SERIES Photos
12 SERIES Options

MOBILE CUISINE SERIESt 12 to 14 foot bodies for cutaway vans
P11 SERIES Freezer

INSERT SERIES small insertable ovens for vans, hatchbacks & station wagons
Drawing for Graphics Layout   6SERIES
Drawing for Graphics Layout   8 SERIES

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