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  for Senior Nutrition since 1985

Delivery Concepts now has elderly nutrition program vehicles in all 50 states.  Our vehicles deliver in excess of 125,000 meals per day to our seniors.

        WV Senior Nutrition

DeliveryConcepts Benefits for Senior Meals Programs
User friendly vehicle
Delivers kitchen fresh quality
Reduces amount of food handling

     6 Series A70H30 will carry a minimum of 212 3-sectional homebound meals as well a congregate delivery using hotel pans if needed. Large insulated cooler compartment will accommodate shelf stable products and iced down milk & juice. (no mechanical refrigeration)

     6 Series A70H30 for 212 home delivered hot meals or sheet & hotel pans to deliver to congregate meal sites.
 Mechanical refrigeration allows for carrying cold or frozen weekend meals as well as cold complements for the hot meals.

     8 Series R50H50 has the oven capacity to carry 540 3-sectional homebound meal trays with refrigerated compartment space for cold/frozen meals and cold compliments.

     12 Series have greater capacities for drop offs from central kitchens to congregate sites, distribution to home delivered meal preparation sites or drops to volunteer drivers of home delivered meals.

      6 Seris LPhas a hot meal capacity of 104 3-sectional home delivered meals and enough refrigerated space to carry an equal number of cold/frozen meals and compliments.


     Insert Series are the best investment you can make to guarantee hot food anywhere with economy in mind.  Easily installed in vans, station wagons & hatchback vehicles they will hold required temperatures of hot meals with out the danger of open flame.

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