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What our customers have to say about
Delivery Concept Food Transport Systems.


"We have discovered numerous advantages in using our Hotshots. One advantage we discovered immediately, besides the comfort of knowing the hot food stayed hot and the cold food stayed cold with just the setting of a thermostat and flip of a switch, was use of the vehicle contributed to labor savings and labor efficiency within our operation. Meal packing time has been reduced as well as the number of people needed to pack meals. Many packing steps were eliminated. In addition, food is handled less often, which alleviates some of the worry of possible contamination or spoilage.
Other advantages include: increased ability to consolidate meal routes, easy expansion of meal routes (there is always room for one more meal on a truck), increased flexibility in delivery distance, easier completion of bulk food drops, and an enhanced professional image."
Pamela Hodson - Food & Nutrition Director - Tri-Community Action Agency - Athens, Ohio

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for introducing the Hotshot System to our catering company.  It has not only exceeded expectations, but has generally made my staff more productive and happier.  The Hotshot IIXL has enhanced our image and improved the delivery and presentation of our food products.  We not only promise “The Best Bar-Be-Que South of anywhere” "We deliver it too!”
Rick Perrin, Perrin's Bar-Be-Que & Catering, Powhatten, VA

“The Hotshot food trucks have been a great success her at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.  There are many potential customers on site that cannot travel to the main cafeteria. Hotshot Delivery has allowed us to reach more customers, at a lower operating cost, than we could have using our old conventional food truck.  Your food trucks have eliminated past environmental and hygiene problems associated with steamers and open serving of food to the customers.
   When our company ordered the food trucks there was a miscommunication on our part.  The problem was corrected at a considerable expense to your company.  It is not often that a business is willing to absorb cost, when an error by the customer occurs.
   Thanks for letting us use the Hotshot logo.  It has become the standard question at lunch time "is the Hotshot here yet?"
   Thank you for providing an excellent service."
Dan Hultgren, Manager, Institutional Services Department

"After having taken delivery of our second truck, we are writing this to let you know how pleased we are. Both vehicles are outstanding in performance. The detailing and signs are so attractive that we constantly get favorable comments wherever we take them. The advertising is so good, it's like driving a 'billboard' around town. Naturally business has increased."
Tom - Tom's Pizza & Sports Pub - Portland, Oregon

“I think the Hotshot gives us the competitive advantage over all the other options we've tested. I think it's the best thing since sliced pizza".
Di DeFazio - Connie's Pizza - Chicago, IL

"The professional design of the storage space, is the most functional use I could ever visualize. I have been utilizing a delivery vehicle (homemade) in the catering business for the last 15 years, and I now finally have the "Dream Machine". Then you tied the package up with the best graphic design for advertising of the exterior."
Jon - Jacaranda Gourmet Shop - San Pedro, California

“After having our Hotshot stolen, some of our customers said they would like to wait until the replacement vehicle arrived before ordering home delivered pizza.  The said pizza that was delivered in the bags was not nearly as good as the fresh out of the oven taste of the pizza delivered by the Hotshot.”
Annette Paglia, Rocco's Place, Manasquan, NJ

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